Reasons our readers love Mornings with Jesus 2015

It’s a source of spiritual nourishment.

“Every day I feel a deep connection to Jesus.” — GM, North Carolina
“I am in awe of how Jesus works in my life.” — TF, Florida
“It helps me stay connected to God, and have better relationships with my loved ones, friends and coworkers.” — BA, Ohio

It provides hope and direction.

“I want to follow Him and this book helps.” — DW, Pennsylvania
“With Jesus, I can rise above my problems.” — RM, Indiana
“They bring me back down to earth and OFTEN speak directly at an issue that’s been on my mind.” — AS, California

It’s full of inspiring and lasting motivation.

“This devotional fires me up in a good way!” — MW, South Carolina
“I am filled with joy because He loves me!” — KC, Georgia
“I enjoy the "easy reads" for the times I am rushed and busy. (It) allows me to refocus and bring my mind back to a good place.” — LG, Texas